The National Brownfields Training Conference

The National Brownfields Training Conference brings together stakeholders from government, industry, and the community to share knowledge and best practices on the remediation and redevelopment of contaminated properties, known as brownfields. The conference features a range of sessions, workshops, and networking events that cover topics such as financing, liability, and community engagement, with the goal of promoting the cleanup and revitalization of contaminated sites across the United States.

Attending the National Brownfields Training Conference can be beneficial for professionals working in fields related to brownfields remediation and redevelopment, such as environmental consultants, developers, attorneys, and government officials. The conference provides a platform for participants to learn about the latest technologies and strategies for cleaning up and reusing contaminated properties, as well as opportunities to connect with peers and potential partners. By sharing knowledge and best practices, the National Brownfields Training Conference plays an important role in advancing the field of brownfields redevelopment and promoting sustainable land use practices.

When: August 5-8, 2025


180+ Interactive Sessions, Mobile Workshops, and Events


Network with colleagues and Federal, State, and Local Officials


Historic New Resources and Technical Assistance


The New Windy City

What to Expect

The Brownfields Conference features a dynamic educational program of speakers, discussions, mobile workshops, films and other learning formats that are calibrated to provide you with case study examples, program updates, and useful strategies for meeting your brownfield challenges head on. The exceptional training offered by the Brownfields Conference has something for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

The conference is also a premier stop for the private sector with a vibrant exhibit hall and other transactional activities that are catered towards companies doing the business of brownfields cleanup and redevelopment. The exhibit hall will feature federal agencies, engineering firms, developers, environmental cleanup companies, legal and financial expertise, nonprofits, and other types of organizations.

Who Should Attend

If you are in the brownfields industry or are part of a locale with a brownfields site, and you are looking to revitalize your community, spur economic growth, restore the environment, and protect the public health, then don’t miss Brownfields 2025.


Brownfields 2025 features over 150 panels, town halls, roundtables, and topic talks where attendees can learn directly from experts in the field and interact with federal, state, and local decision-makers. In these sessions, speakers will discuss new practices, share success stories, and stimulate new ideas.

The Brownfields Conference is also a great opportunity to earn your continuing education credits.


Chicago last hosted the conference 10 years ago, in 2015, and the planning team is looking forward to bringing this dynamic event back to the Windy City and highlighting the commitment to environmental protection and economic development in the region. We invite you to get out and experience all that Chicago has to offer through the many offered Mobile Workshops and self-guided tour.



Brownfields 2025 will feature Regional Open Houses, affiliate meetings, and other networking events. You will have the opportunity to re-connect with your colleagues from around the country and network with federal, state, and local officials. This conference is an extremely valuable experience due to the interactions that take place among the broad range of stakeholders involved with brownfields redevelopment.


Mobile workshops offer attendees the opportunity to get out of the convention center and to visit brownfields sites firsthand, hearing from project leaders and the community.

Individuals who may be interested:

  • Local, state, tribal, and federal government leaders
  • Federal and state contractors
  • Real estate developers and investors
  • Financial and insurance providers and risk management practitioners
  • Economic development officials and community development organizations
  • Construction and building firms
  • Environmental and civil engineers, planners and public works officials
  • Information technology professionals
  • Academic institutions & students
  • Attorneys

Previous Conferences

  • 2023 – Detroit
  • 2022 – Oklahoma City
  • 2019 – Los Angeles
  • 2017 – Pittsburgh
  • 2015 – Chicago
  • 2013 – Atlanta
  • 2011 – Philadelphia
  • 2009 – New Orleans
  • 2008 – Detroit
  • 2006 – Boston
  • 2005 – Denver
  • 2004 – St. Louis
  • 2003 – Portland
  • 2002 – Charlotte
  • 2001 – Chicago
  • 2000 – Atlantic City
  • 1999 – Dallas
  • 1998 – Los Angeles
  • 1997 – Kansas City
  • 1996 – Pittsburgh