Last week, the Brownfields 2019 Local Planning Committee met in Los Angeles to jump head first into planning the programming you can expect at the conference in December. We welcomed participants from across the nation, including industry folks from Southern Nevada, Southern California, Michigan, and Chicago. In attendance were brownfields leaders in both the public and private sectors. This includes participants representing local and state government, private redevelopment and contracting, academia, and non-profits. The Local Planning Committee helps give the conference programming a local flavor. Above all, they provide input on the most relevant brownfields issues to highlight in the educational programming.

Committee Work

The Local Planning Committee broke out into subcommittees to dive deeper into planning the content and events for the conference. The subcommittee on mobile workshops developed a comprehensive list of possible experiences for conference attendees around the LA region. The educational programming subcommittee brainstormed key themes that will shape the Brownfields 2019 content and created a list of possible speakers for sessions. The subcommittee on planning the community reception narrowed down possible venues and themes for the evening. The partnerships and outreach subcommittee focused on developing a list of potential partner organizations to share the message about Brownfields 2019.

LA Convention Center

Subsequently following the meeting, a small portion of the committee got a sneak peek of the LA Convention Center (LACC), where the majority of Brownfields 2019 programming will take place. Winner of the 2018 County of Los Angeles Green Leadership Award, LACC is a perfect fit for the Brownfields 2019. LACC is a leader in the events industry, providing exceptional facilities and excellent service to patrons for decades. In addition, LACC proudly serves to benefit the local community and is a champion of environmental sustainability. We look forward to hosting our attendees in this beautiful space!

Does this inside look at the planning of Brownfields 2019 get you excited about signing up? Then, it’s time to register! Preregistration is open now until December 10th.